The unprecedented situation of pandemic had put us all through to analyze and answer to the questions, “How..?” and “Where..?” to reach for everything. We also had to answer the particular question about “How will my kids continue their path of learning?” and “Where should I reach to guide my child with learning?”. Most of us had somehow addressed these with “Homeschooling”, “Online classes”, “Virtual classes”, “Live classes” etc. and reached here. Although, we definitely understand the difference in the meaning of these terms, we were not sure what works best and caters to the need of each child. Seeds of Success Educational Trust® strongly believed that no child especially of the age between 3 to 6 years should be deprived of their needs with respect to physical, cognitive, sensorial and overall developments even during such untoward situation. With our best administration, faculty team and support of parents, we had been able to bridge the gap during these challenging times for our little ones by giving them the best of its kind learning experience to nurture our tiny seeds that are going to bloom and flourish in coming years. 

Glimpses of our live sessions

Montessori Level1 – Exercises of Practical Life (Pounding activity)

Montessori Level2 – Live session (Music and dance)