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Our Founders

“Seeds of Success” is the brain child of
Mr. Deepak Thalanki B.E.,MS (USA)
Mrs. Seema Thalanki B.E., MS (USA).

Who are the
deepak thalanki
Mr. Deepak Thalanki
seema thalanki
Mrs. Seema Thalanki
B.E., MS (USA).

A few words about us

Serving best & Fun Filled Educations since 2006

”Seeds of Success” was founded on this firm belief that the children in this age group need maximum attention and help since these are the formative years, when the basic intelligence is built.The influence of learning during these years is far reaching in the development of the child into an adult, who would be independent and has the entire problem solving skills with a human touch and an analytical mind. This dream of establishing an institution for the children, which they had cherished during their stay in USA, gathered strength when they came back to India in the year 2004. Thus Seeds of Success was born in the year 2005 in South Bangalore.

Our Faculty

Know our Teachers

The Montessori trained adult in each environment is aware of the responsibility of guiding and nurturing children who are at this age of immense growth and change. Each adult knows the important role they play in encouraging your child’s zest for learning. That’s why the role of the adult at Seeds of Success goes much beyond just ‘instruction’ to that of a friend and guide.


Mr.H.R. Suresh Gupta

Chief of Operations

Mrs. Lakshmi Suresh

B.A., B.Ed., Dip-in-Mont
Chief of Faculty

Faculty Members

Mrs. Vidya Krishna

B.Sc., Dip-in-NTT, Dip-in-Mont

Mrs. Kalpana Ravi

M.A., Dip-in-NTT, Dip-in-Mont

Mrs. Gauri Chikodi

B.A., Dip-in-NTT, Dip-in-Mont

Mrs. Rashmi Prashant

Dip-in-NTT, Dip-in-Mont

Mrs. Pavithra Subramanian

B.E., Dip-in-NTT, Dip-in-Mont